Why should you choose PozhVibe for your nail care needs?

Always pick a salon that takes your nail & health into consideration. I only use safe and certified professional products & brands for all my clients. Everyone receives new file & buffer because the materials are porous meaning they absorb bacteria. This prevents the spread of any type of virus or bacteria that can be transferred from one client to the other. It is always better safe than sorry!

Our Practices

NO MMA! Its illegal!

I only use the best for my clients and MMA is a big NO! Be informed ask questions, look for labels! If they can not thoroughly explain to you the dangers of MMA just walk out it’s not worth it! The main reasons why you should not let other salons use MMA on you!

  • It’s to harsh it requires the nail technician to overly rough up your nail to help it adhere to your nail plate. Causing it to become thin & weak.
  • Once on it’s impossible to remove with proper product removers, If while being removed it becomes stringy and gel like. That’s an indication to look for when identifying if you had a MMA full set. The fumes & dust can also affect you or the technician to feel light headed or sick.
  • If you happen to smash your finger it most likely will not budge removing your own nail with it. Non MMA nails will separate from your natural nail protecting you from further nail plate damage. Since it is Illegal to use MMA please remove your nails before making an appointment not only will removing mma nails cause me to feel sick but I can also potentially be fined & my license suspended for having traces of this chemical in my salon.

Does acrylic smell bother you?

I invested in a high end machine from Germany that has a carbon filter to help eliminate the smell of the liquid monomer while doing acrylics. Although I can not completely remove the smell it does reduce it enough where my clients smell a difference!. This machine also captures all air borne dust particles that would otherwise go into our breathing zone. This keeps my lungs healthy as well as yours!

Colorado disinfection protocol

All used tools are stored in soiled container, at the end of the day fresh disinfectant is prepared. All tools one by one are inspected, scrubbed and washed thoroughly with soap and water. Let dry on a clean towel. Once the disinfectant is ready tools are completely submerged for 10 minutes. Once done tools are removed rinsed completely and dried. I store my tools in sealed pouches ready to be used.

Safe pedicures bowls

Ever wonder if pedicure bowls at other salons are being properly cleaned? I never seemed to see anyone clean them before i started my career in this industry I also did not know what to look for. A lot of these places do not have 15 minutes to waste to thoroughly scrub & rinse the bowls let alone run the jets for 10 min with disinfectant before every new client. That is why I decided to not go with pedicure thrones for my studio. Although once I am ready to expand I will be doing my research to find the safest and best pedicure throne for my clients.

My pedicure bowl is designed to vibrate and relax your feet while keeping the water heated. It uses liners so i can easily switch out in between clients without any contamination from the last one. Giving us both peace of mind.

I believe in the responsibility of protecting the health and well being of my clients natural nails. By keeping my knowledge and techniques up to date I can strive for a safe environment for all my current and new clients.

Business Policy

Hello! I look forward to meeting you! I am excited to give you a great nail experience! Please make sure you read my policies so you can be informed of what is expected when you visit me!

Please respect my time and come in at a timely manner any one being more than 15 minutes late will be considered a no-show. Booking software will automatically charge you 50-100% of your scheduled appointment. This prevents me from running late for the rest of my scheduled appointments.

If you need to re-schedule last minute please send a direct text message with a date and time for the re-shedule. I understand last minute things happen. I also run the risk of not filling up that slot causing me to lose out on my business. A $10 reschedule fee will be applied unless re-scheduled before 48hr mark. Avoid the hassle and receive text or email appointment reminders so you can stay on top of your appointments & avoid any fees.

I love kids! Unless they are receiving a service they are easily bored! Please make sure you leave them at home so you can enjoy your time pampering yourself.

MMA nails are illegal! If you would like me to give you a new set please come in with bare nails. There is a removal fee of $10 to cover time & product for any gel or acrylic nail removal that were not applied by me.